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1. Every citizen is expected to inform the Police about the commission or likely commission of a cognizable offence.
2. Every citizen is legally bound to follow the reasonable directions given by a Police Officer/Policeman in Uniform.
3. Sheltering of proclaimed offenders is a serious offence. The citizen is supposed to render necessary assistance to the Police in the discharge of their lawful duties.
4. Panchas: While effecting a search of any person or premises, or while seizing any property or documents, it is mandatory for police to do so in the presence of two law respectable witnesses known as ‘panchas’. It is possible only if the citizens co-operate and come forward as ‘panchas’. It is the right of the person searched or whose property is seized to get a copy of the panchnama (seizure document) signed by the police officer and two witnesses.
5. While hiring domestic servants, it is desirable to ascertain their antecedents and obtain photographs. Local Police Station should also be kept informed.
6. All enlightened citizens must help in maintaining a pollution free environment. There are stringent laws against noise and air pollution. Even for playing loud speakers/public address systems/any musical instruments, including bands, orchestra, etc., at a public place, prior permission of the local police is essential. In moving vehicles it is obligatory to keep the sound of a musical system low so as not to distract the attention of other road users.

Being a Social human being, all of us should respect our country and its laws.