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General Diary

The general diary of a police station functions as an institutional memory and a record of all the activities in the police station. Any citizen can cause an entry to be made in the GD, even without a written complaint. Given below are some of the points you should know about the functioning of police station general diary entry:


FIR stands for First Information Report. Any investigation starts with the registration of a FIR. The FIR has, over the time become an important document in the criminal justice system. A complainant can register any case in the police station and it’s absolutely free of cost. Any problems faced in registration of FIR should be conveyed to the immediate seniors of the department. Following are some of the points you should know about recording FIR in a police station.

Post-mortem Report

The post-mortem report is essential for establishing the cause of death. It is also a document which can be used to prove the death of a person. It is necessary for applying for any insurance claims etc in case of accidental or un-natural death. The post-mortem report will be available in the police stations. Any citizen can follow the procedure given below to obtain the report.

Status of Case

The police is bound to answer any of your queries regarding the investigation of a case registered by you. Given below are some rights you may exercise to keep the police organization efficient in investigating your case as well as to impart transparency to the system.

Meeting Permission

The police is the nodal agency for sanctioning permission for conducting any public meetings. The applicant should follow the steps given below:

Permission for Microphone

Along with the details mentioned in the previous section, a serate application should be submitted to the police station.

Permission for Arms License

The police is not the issuing authority for arms license in Krishnagar Police District. Given below is the procedure followed in issuing arms license