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Ways to Ensure Women Safety

Although the list of crimes is very long, we can take measures to ensure women’s safety in our country.

Men must be taught to respect women from an early age. They must consider women as equals so they don’t even think of harming them. When you consider someone inferior, you tend to oppress them. If this thinking goes away, half of the crimes will automatically end.

16 actions for girls’ and women’s safety in emergencies

Violence against women and girls does not discriminate by race, religion, culture, class or country. Worldwide, one in three women have experienced either physical and/or sexual violence, and more than 15 million girls aged 15-19 years have experienced rape.

Conflict and displacement only heighten the problem. As girls and women lose their support systems and homes, are placed in insecure environments and in new roles, their risk of gender-based violence (GBV), including sexual violence, intimate partner violence, child marriage, female genital mutilation and abuse, increases.

Here are 16 actions to be taken to increase girls’ and women’s safety in emergencies: