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Safe Drive Save Life

The Government of West Bengal is committed towards more road safety. The recent initiative put forward by Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal Smt. Mamata Banerjee to increase public awareness through ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ campaign with a goal to substantially decrease road accidents in the state ot West Bengal has received widespread recognition to translate this version into reality.

Nadia District is an accident prone district due to its topography, bad road condition and also for single lane on NH – 34. Besides, last year saw the renovation of the Krishnagar to Berhampore National Highway by NHAI under Phase II of repairing of NH.

In the year 2016, total 761 accidents took place and 360 casualties happened due to those accidents. In the year 2017, total 502 accidents took place and 274 casualties in this district. In the year 2018 up to June, total 214 accidents took place and 107 casualties in this district. This is a reduction of 34% in number of accidents and 24% in number of fatalities in 2017 and in 2018 up to June reduction of 17.69 % in number of accident and 29.60 in casualties.


NH34 passes through the entire Nadia district and is 117 km length. It starts from Jaguly under PS Haringhata to Mira Plassey under PS Kaliganj. On NH-34, there are 08 Police Stations.

SH-8, SH-14& SH-11 are also present in the district and are a total of 159 km in length.

A total of 478 km of other roads are also present in this District.

Safe Drive Save Life

This district had great achievements after the launching of Safe Drive Save Life. After inauguration of SDSL programme by the Hon’ble CM West Bengal in the year 2016, implementation in missionmode in Nadia District led to significant reduction in deaths as well as number of accidents.

The implementation consisted of 2 parts:

Awareness & Sensitisation – It consisted of awareness campaigns, meetings with stakeholders including SDO, NHAI, PWD, various unions, etc, taking out a SDSL tableau in all PS areas, etc.

Enforcement – It consisted of enforcing the laws against the traffic violators by means of issuing prosecutions and starting specific cases.

Measures Taken

The steps taken by Krishnagar District Police included:

1. Survey of NH.

2. Regular review of traffic statistics and plan of action.

3. Community Policing and Awareness Campaigns including:

4. Specific cases and prosecutions against dangerous/rash/drunken driving.

5. Personal attention to accident spots by senior officers.

6. Improvement in Traffic infrastructure

7. Regular Naka checking

8. Sensitisation of truck drivers at Dhabas through posters telling them what practices to follow and what to avoid.

9. Proper training and briefing of traffic personnel.

10. Hospitalisation of accident victims in ambulance.


12. Awareness campaigns during various festivals.

13. Rewarding the good drivers.

14. Data monitoring and analysis

15. Installation of various signages

16. Written advisories were given to Schools/Colleges, Clubs, etc. to not take out picnic during night hours till morning.

17. Regular Road Safety Committee meetings are being held.